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Interim Management

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This is a solution to significantly strengthen your team in the implementation of internal large-scale projects, such as transformation, scaling-up, and steering the company out of crisis. It can also be a temporary solution for companies without a formed TOP-team or a top-notch CEO, or for those who are not willing to wait and lose momentum.

Signs that your company is in need of Interim Management

The owner needs:

  • Co-management
  • A team enhanced with new competencies
  • Project management
  • Implementation of development programs
  • Company transformation
  • Crisis management
  • Change management
  • Action related to a sudden resignation of a top manager, on whom the company’s viability is overly dependent
  • Action related to the transition period, downtime, etc.

How we work

Interim management relies on a group of highly qualified experts with management experience in key positions in large companies, including international and business development projects. Based on the company’s needs, an interim development team replaces, supplements, or trains your managers on a short- or long-term basis. Highly skilled interim managers will help you develop and implement practical strategies to successfully navigate the change process.

Interim management has several advantages over regular employees or consultants: qualifications, measurability of achievements, efficiency, motivation, project-to-project basis.

Results for you

  • Quick involvement and filling of new competencies
  • Fast introduction of innovations and changes
  • External independent expert examination
  • Control and detached view of the operating business
  • Expertise and proven management abilities at fixed costs in record time
  • Maintaining the company’s policy/activities in the right direction during the transition period, leading the company through successful transformation


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