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Crisis management

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When financial results drop, the team collapses, and debts grow, it is difficult to immediately find way around and make the right decisions. In a crisis, it is noticeable as never before that time is playing against you, and the more you are into crisis, the more rapidly sales, market share and performance fall. It is especially hard when there are not enough professionals with experience in overcoming such situations and knowing what must be done in the first place.

Signs of Imminent Crisis

  • Prolonged business stagnation
    Your business has shown a decrease in financial results for six months. You change the team, but apart from new faces, nothing changes. Employees are skeptical and blame each other. The methods that could have helped you before no longer work. The staff turnover increases.
  • Outdated business
    You understand that competitors are one step ahead in the strategic idea or business model and the business system efficiency; they are faster at mastering new technologies and approaches. However, these changes appear difficult to you, your strategy does not keep pace with the market and its capabilities.
  • Company got outplayed by competitors
    Your company has held a good position for a long time, but the situation has changed for the worse, and you do not know how to fix it. It may seem that your team works just as well, but the reports show poor financial results. You are looking for business ideas for business development, but are afraid of doing even worse.

If there’s nothing to change

If you don’t identify the problem in time and introduce changes in those areas that require a priority solution, you will lose valuable time, which means sale volumes and market share. But if you pay attention to the symptoms, you can take the company out of the risk zone and turn experience into a launch pad for business development.

How we work

Anti-crisis team

First, we objectively diagnose the assets and evaluate the business system setting. We form a crisis management team out of your team members, skilled consultants with strong managerial expertise. At the start, we determine the authority and responsibility. We jointly plan, monitor changes, act within an agreed result framework with the owners.


The anti-crisis team operates in essential areas - sales, financial obligations, cost optimization, preservation/protection of strategic assets, team motivation. It actively involves employees in the company’s normalization, access to development initiatives.

Profitability strategy

We generate and implement a strategy to gain target market share and stable business growth and profitability. We create an organizational model and optimize business processes for it. We return the company its lost positions, go to the market counterattack.

Technology transfer

We consolidate success and key positions to ensure long-term sustainability and prevent the business from recession in the future. Being sure of the stable growth and efficient operation of the company, we transfer business development technologies to your team.

Project results for you

  1. Clear anti-crisis plan updated by short 2-week sprints
  2. Stopped losses
  3. New growth and marginality sources found
  4. Motivated team of your company formed
  5. New business model adjusted or generated
  6. First development initiatives planned and launched.
  7. Strategy generated to gain target market share and ensure stable business growth and profitability.
  8. Business development technology transferred for the further development by the company
  9. Open position regarding the planning of results – actions – resources, anti-crisis/development budget


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