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The organizations encounter many “transformational triggers,” such as changes in technology, legislation, consumer behavior, and decline in team involvement. Or when working “same old way” may lead the company to collapse.

Achieving the target parameters of growth, development and capitalization is impossible without adapting to new conditions or outrunning competitors due to innovations.

Signs showing that the company needs to launch transformation

  • The goal is to grow at times, but this is unattainable with the current idea/business model, culture, team model. External challenges go into overdrive, but there is potential for a breakthrough
  • There is a strong idea, but for a long time the company fails to achieve financial targets
  • Decisions are not made or are not quickly launched into implementation
  • There are ideas, market opportunities, open niches. Objective: focus and “reach a new top”

What can stop you on your way to implementing transformational changes

  • Your team needs to implement transformational changes, but at the same time to further solve operational problems. Amount of work doubles
  • Little experience in implementing transformational tasks with the necessary speed and results
  • In addition to ambition, it is necessary to build a systematic work on changes: transformation as a portfolio of projects
  • The price of mistakes is too high for the business as a whole, for the reputation of management, for shareholders

Post-project results for you

  • Strategic idea of the company’s development and transformation area determined
  • A business model built subject to resource availability
  • Organizational model built to achieve the transformation goals
  • Key team competencies enhanced
  • Decisions that have been put off for a long time made
  • Joint transit to actions and results organized
  • “Quick wins”, ambitious market and financial results during the project achieved
  • Well-organized interaction within the team
  • Change of culture in the company
  • Efficient transforming office with modern technology in change management, providing continuous internal innovations and improvements
  • Drive in the team! 🙂

How we work with transformation

Team formation

First, we diagnose the potential of the company and that of the team. Together with the Owners and Top Management, we determine the transformation team members. Both among staff of the organization, and with the involvement of external experts, if necessary.

Formation of a transformational strategy

Together we form a strategic idea and business strategy, a transformation model to achieve your goals. We define a portfolio of projects and a plan for their implementation with a clear understanding: what new to create, what to change, what to keep, what to get rid of.

Building a transformation management process

Successful transformational changes in an organization often depend on systemic decisions, quick actions with market testing ideas/models. As well as on the team growth based on their own achievements and lessons. Ideally: this is the task of a continuous internal business development process. In the context of transformation: a transformational team or a transformational office. Strategic will help you to efficiently set up a business process in a company or create/set up a transformation office on a turnkey basis before it achieves sustainable results.

Accelerating transition to result

The Strategic project team configuration depends on your goals. Our specialists include experts in business development, strategy, business processes, finance and culture of organizations, managers with experience of more than 10 years in the development and management of companies, industry experts. Teams that are ready not only for development, but also for joint actions linked to the achievement of results by your company.


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