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Your company has become successful precisely because it has the energy and potential that you have revealed and unlocked. But the larger it becomes, the clumsier and slower the processes get in it, until it begins to slow down its pace in the market. You know you can do more and you want to make it move faster. How can you do this in the shortest possible time when you already have a large team with established views and conventional processes?

Signs showing your company is stopping

  • Poor performance

    When the company was smaller, the processes were faster, and you were able to scale it and keep the financial results as high as possible. Now, with the increase in sales, the business system increasingly fails. The measures you are taking do not help the situation.

  • Uncertainty

    You and the management team are more likely to doubt the correctness of decisions and take less risk. The cost of a mistake has become higher, and at the same time it seems that you are moving in the dark and do not know what to expect.

  • Your customers are leaving

    As quickly as you get new customers, you start to lose them or do not get new ones at the target rate. You strive to provide value to them, but disruptions occur more often and consumers abandon your services. Your team is not experienced enough to handle the size the company has grown to.

If nothing is changed

As a rule, a slowdown in growth rates is not a sign of market saturation; it is a symptom of uncompetitiveness. Something is not working as well as it used to, and you may lose the gains that did not come cheap. The new level of the company and long-term sustainability require new efforts, and if you do not grow, then sooner or later you will begin to slide back where you started from.

Results for you

  • Finding an idea, a business model, open niches for scaling, taking into account the resource availability
  • Development of new products/corporate startups
  • Well-built organizational model for scaling
  • Joint going into actions and results
  • Team development and involvement, unlocking its potential
  • Creation of a field for constructive dialogue between “owners and tops”
  • Drive in the team! 🙂

How we work

Growth strategy

We diagnose the business system, identify new market opportunities, discover elements of the business model for scaling, and jointly develop the business growth strategy. In accordance with it, we form the business process model, structure and team model

Implementation: scale

Together we develop implementation plans, having prepared the team as much as possible for going into action. We launch critical initiatives together. We build team interaction and implementation management using efficient tools that increase team involvement:

  • Launch/testing new products, business models for scaling in local and international markets
  • Scrum sprints — development and implementation stages run in parallel. The client's team implements draft solution in the interval between sprints
  • OKR (Objectives and Key Results) enables to synchronize team and individual objectives, to show the subjectivity of employees. It means to communicate top-level goals without in-depth detailing on subtasks and methods of achieving them; each employee, within the framework of his competence, independently determines what contribution he can provide to the overall goal. The method is used to maximize team involvement and stimulate innovation through setting ambitious goals
  • A hybrid of classic KPIs and OKRs for employees of different departments, based on the organization’s goals
  • Development and implementation of a financial motivation model for a key team
Scaling acceleration: temporary control (optional)

We “integrate” into your business team industry experts and business developers with experience in scaling companies many times greater than the current level. Responsibility for achieving financial and market goals is on our side.


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