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Strategy for the “First National Wine Holding” (FNWH)

About the Project

The holding successfully develops, produces and distributes its own brands, including Inkerman, Tavria, Zhaton, Alexx, Borysfen, and is a partner of the best manufacturers of high-quality import products, world leaders, and international brands, such as Beam Suntory, WilliamGrant & Sons, Torres, Campari, LesGrandsChaisdeFrance, Purcari, Bagrationi, Badagoni, CantinadiVeronaSpa, CasaVinicolaDecordi and many more.

A team of Strategic experts is involved to achieve a sustainable positive operating cash flow, strengthen the core and create a steadily growing, highly efficient company.

Project task:

Form a new idea and development strategy for 2025 and a plan to increase sustainability in 2020.

Stages of the project: 

  1. Diagnostic analytics to identify the owners’ and top management’s expectations of the project, determine the core competencies of the business and the team involvement
  2. Developing sustainable business plans
  3. Strategic analytics, global and local trends, benchmarks
  4. Defining the model of amalgamation of the Holding
  5. Developing a strategy and organizational model of the Holding
  6. Financial model

Project results:

  • Tavria + SC 2020 Sustainability Plan
  • Long-term strategic idea and strategy of FNWH
  • Growth drivers and marginality
  • Architecture of brand portfolio 2025
  • Top-level business processes and organizational structure of FNWH
  • Business area strategies
  • Synchronization of the team according to the overall idea/targets/ model

Strategic initiative plans with targeted achievements in the first 2 years have been developed to achieve sustainable long-term results both during the project implementation and after its completion.

Oksana Shchehelska, Managing Partner of Strategic, invited as an independent director on the FNWH Board of Directors to lead the launch Board of Directors.

  • Years: 2020
  • Solution: Strategy Development
  • Client: FNWH