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Improving operational efficiency growth and competitiveness for Pivdennyi Bank

About the Project

Today, Pivdennyi Bank is one of the largest commercial banks with Ukrainian capital in the domestic financial market. The bank is among the top 15 financial institutions in Ukraine and is the second one among Ukrainian non-state (private) banks in terms of assets according to the National Bank of Ukraine.

To achieve strategic and operational goals, conduct a self-diagnosis stage and BizDev-session the Pivdennyi Bank involved a team from Strategic.

Project task

Improving the growth and competitiveness of operational efficiency.

Stages of the project:

  1. Bank diagnosis:
    • analysis of the bank’s financial and market performance, efficiency of the business model as compared to the best practices
    • identification of operational efficiency sources: growth of operating income, profitability and cost optimization
  2. Conducting a 2-day BizDev-session to define the focus in developing the following:
    • Priorities of the Bank and business lines development: sources of operational efficiency
    • Objectives and KPIs of the Bank / business lines providing business processes / departments
    • Initiative plan
    • Aspects of work with business processes / KPIs that will give the greatest result in improving operational efficiency
  3. Launching the translation of draft session resolutions into final decisions ready for implementation
  4. Main team training on business process management

Project results: 

  1. The priorities of the bank’s development and sources of operational efficiency improvement (OE) have been determined
  2. Draft resolutions have been formed:
    1. Target chart /KPIs/ measurement tools at the level of Business Lines and the Bank as a whole;
    2. Plan of initiatives to achieve the targets at the level of the Bank as a whole and at the level of Business Lines.
  3. Priorities for further design / redesign of business processes / KPIs which will show the greatest effect in improving operational efficiency have been identified as well as what needs to be done to fine tune the decisions to be implemented.
  4. A one-day training on process management implementation was conducted with the Bank’s staff participation.

A plan of initiatives to achieve the targets at the level of the Bank as a whole, 3 business lines, providing business processes / departments has been developed in order to achieve a sustainable result.

  • Years: 2020
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: Pivdennyi Bank