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Build a new version of yourself through action and a flexible development strategy. Horizon — 1 year.

BizDev-session© is mobilizing and strengthening the team while searching and finding the most effective development path or way out of the crisis in the face of challenges, both internal and external.

BizDev-session will help you

  • Define objectives, a flexible strategy and actions to take in a highly uncertain environment
  • See the real state of the company in addition to what is reflected in the reports. Take best advantage of the assets
  • Link up stakeholders’ interests: Owners, Head Office, Business areas. Come to win-win decisions that couldn’t have been found or have been put off
  • Bring talents of the team to light

BizDev-session results

  • Agreed objectives, development strategy for several scenarios of external environment
  • Roadmap and solutions
  • Activity model
  • Team mobilization
  • Actions — results

How we work

  • Define the prospects and limits of the product portfolio, business model
  • Find alternative solutions to achieve market and financial objectives or solve the crisis: a flexible strategy
  • Update the business model according to external challenges using international benchmarks
  • Upgrade management architecture
  • Define how to translate the strategy into business operations
  • Create agile activity model


How much time does it take to prepare and hold one session?

Answer: 10-14 days of preparation + 4-6 half-days, that is about 20 days.

How many people are needed on the team to have a BizDev-session?

Answer: Up to 15 people, so that the session is still effective and we do not lose team involvement.

How will the BizDev-session be held?

Answer: You can choose your preferred format: offline, online or mix. In online and mix formats the session will be held as a zoom conference using several interactive techniques.

Company development is not a meme, but a daily drive into action, into a new version of yourself. — Timur Korol, Strategic’s Business Developer


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