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Implementation of process-based management

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A tough competitive environment defines and dictates its requirements for the business process efficiency, especially at times of high uncertainty. The implementation of process-based management will help you improve the company’s in-house activities, accelerate the achievement of goals, increase team motivation, maintain and enhance your competitive advantages.

Implementation of process-based management will help you to

  • Increase customer satisfaction and business efficiency by times
  • Focus the efforts of all business units on the same goals
  • Remove “extra” links, make the structure efficient
  • Make standard processes and structure as a basis for business scaling-up
  • Get working management tools “business processes — organizational structure — KPIs” that reinforce each other
  • Accelerate the achievement of goals set
  • Increase the team performance by times

How we work


  • Detailing goals for modeling (strategic goal tree)
  • Diagnostics of the current architecture of business processes and their efficiency
  • Determining the current system of KPIs
  • Description of business improvement opportunities



  • Formation of a value chain for an external customer
  • Modeling of top-level business processes “to be” in the IDEF (0) standard
  • Detailing the business process model, taking into account opportunities for improvement
  • Formation of KPIs for key business processes
  • Determining the business process owners
  • Clarification/Design of the organizational structure
  • Formation of target profiles for the roles of process owners and key team



  • We verify the model with those responsible for business processes and fix it
  • We check the performance of KPI
  • We check KPIs through in-house clients



  • Creating a plan for “quick wins”
  • Drafting an implementation plan
  • Defining the implementation plan communication model
  • Checking the implementation pace and adjusting the plans

Project outcomes for you

  • Detailed model of business processes aimed at customer satisfaction and business efficiency
  • Tools for managing business processes
  • Improved management in the process-based approach logic
  • Updated organizational structure that matches the business process-based model, without “extra” links
  • Role profiles for recruiting key personnel
  • Delimited areas of authority and responsibility between departments
  • KPI system for managing and monitoring the business condition. The basis for the staff incentive system
  • New business process model implementation/launch plan
  • Plan for “quick wins”