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Developing business strategy

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Financial results and market targets only remain figures if the company does not have a strong model of winning in the market. It is impossible to create a strategy that will scale and develop your business without proper analytics, tools and a systematic approach.

Features of a strategy that's not working

  • Actual performance falls short of the target
    You have planned an increase in profits and market share, but the system comes to a standstill and your ambitions are not supported by results. You and your team make some decisions in favor of the company, but it is still moving by inertia.
  • Different opinions within the team
    Your team view the way to achieve your goals differently. You are torn between different arguments. Everyone stands by their opinion and pushes the company in the direction they think is right.
  • The changes are too slow
    Implementing solutions is time consuming. The business plan that the company has adopted to achieve its goals proves to be unsustainable in your business system. Decisions and actions become ad hoc.

If you don't change anything

The market is moving and constantly creating new opportunities that either you or your competitors will grasp. If you don’t create a strategy that works and don’t unite the team to implement it step by step, you won’t be able to achieve more than you achieved before. After all, new achievements require new approaches.

How we work

Where you are now

It is impossible to create an effective strategy without understanding the state of the business. Through audits and multiple interviews, we find strong and weak points of a business model, which often the owners themselves do not realize.


The strategy shall be adapted not only to the company's capabilities, but also to the environment in which it can scale and develop its business. That is why we analyze global and local trends in the market you work in, business models of the world's leading companies, your competitors, and look for growth and marginality drivers.

Consumer profile

We find the company's focus together: target customers, value proposition, uniqueness.

Market winning strategy

We update the strategic idea of the company. We eliminate a single-vector approach, balance the perspectives: Consumer-Owners-Personnel-Partners. We include innovations and new business models. We find new models of effective growth and increase the metabolism in the team for quick access to action.

From words to action

We are developing a roadmap for changes to meet our targets. We identify the necessary resources and form an organizational model that will ensure the strategy functionality. We prioritize actions to get quick wins and implement the strategy.

The fastest way to get the result

The strategies we create with owners and their teams are a way to achieve financial results and market leadership. The team gets a clear vision of the necessary changes and moves in the same direction. Together with the client, we find growth drivers and gaps that stop the team. Thus, in 4 months, the owner receives a developed strategy, a team united around it, a model to achieve a sustainable result and actions for implementation.


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