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Strategic Analytics and Development Options

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You are able to independently develop and implement the company’s strategy, make adjustments to your business models, your team is ready for this. The issue of company development options, sources of profitable growth or innovation, alternative vision becomes relevant. And, accordingly, there is a task of obtaining strategic analytics:

  1. What innovations are being introduced today
  2. What are the changes in the product in the global market
  3. How do assortment matrices change
  4. How are business models transformed
  5. What is the performance of international players/competitors
  6. Key global trends in the industry and open niches in the markets
  7. Ideas, business models of the most innovative, productive international players in your industry

In what cases does your company need strategic analytics allowing to develop a business strategy yourself

  • Currently, you and your team are in a single information field, experience in strategy is great. Objective: to obtain high quality information, which is presented not only in numbers
  • Your task is to go beyond the traditional idea of your industry, product, business model
  • You want to come to the subversive idea of business development, areas for the company development

Results for you

  • Checking the market viability of your personal idea, business model (if you generated it)
  • Alternative business models in the world in your industry:
  • main trends in the industry and related industries: international and local
  • 3-4 benchmark of ideas, value propositions, business models of international leaders
  • trends in consumer behavior
  • sources of growth and marginality in the context of trends
  • Sound decision making, choosing your own development path and following it, independent development of the company strategy based on strategic analytics
  • Extended business thinking in the team

How we work with analytics, what we focus on

World practice in your industry

Our experts identify crucial areas of development based on global trends, innovations, forecasts of world-renowned specialists. This becomes the basis for testing your idea if you have generated it, or the basis for generating strategic development alternatives according to the Strategic methodology.

World practice in related industries. “See invisible or read weak signals”

Nowadays, the world is experiencing the interpenetration and mixing of various industries, which leads to the emergence of fundamentally new products based on the creation of integrated value for customers — an integral product. These include the combination of the insurance, healthy diet, medicine, pharmacology and beauty industries into a single Wellness group. In addition, many industries are complemented by information technology, creating separate Tech areas.

World practice in alternative industries

An analysis of alternative industries that do not overlap with yours enables to find innovative approaches in business models, channels and sales system, logistics, approaches to product development, and operational activities that will help you assess the potential effect of their implementation into your practice.

Your company’s diagnostics (optional)

Diagnostics will allow us to identify the sources of growth and marginality that

  • Are the most applicable to your situation
  • Will require optimal resource mobilization
  • Focus on your existing strengths

Such an approach preserves your uniqueness and upgrades it.


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