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Aylis, LLC

About the Project

Aylis is a regional leader in the distribution and sales of goods for childhood and motherhood. It has a retail network, which includes 11 points of sale (TM “Mumin Dom”, “Nash Malysh”, Children’s Healthcare Center “Raduga”).

Project duration: 12 months


To form a promising Strategic Idea and implement changes in the company in order to improve the business efficiency and competitiveness.


The project implementation included the following stages:

  1. Formation of the change strategy
    • Diagnostics of financial and market results of the company,
    • assessment of organization of internal business processes and business culture
    • Crystallization of the Owner’s expectations regarding the future image of the company — development of its vision for a certain period
    • Formation of alternative models of development
    • Development and launch of the priority change strategy
    • Application of “management simulator”: introduction of an interim administrator to the company (for a short period of time), whose main tasks are to demonstrate how the vision and strategy of changes is materialized in the daily management, and to help the Owner to determine which team members should be included in the following strategic sessions
  2. Generating a Strategic Idea
    • Development of the company’s mission, specification of the client’s profile
    • Setting long-term strategic goals
    • Development of a roadmap for changes (a plan of priority actions for the implementation of the Strategic Idea)
    • Implementing the change strategy
  3. Team building
    • Description of the profiles for critical roles
    • Support of search and integration of CEO, HR-Manager and CFO into the team
  4. Setting up the system for a new Strategic Idea
    • Detailing the Strategic Idea at the level of products and services
    • Modeling of business processes and organizational structure
    • Drawing up a plan for opening retail outlets
    • Formation of the matrix of competences (with a new team)
  5. Monitoring results
    • Monitoring sessions with the Owner to assess the implementation of the Strategic Idea
    • Monitoring of the operational management transfer process from the Owner to CEO


  • A promising Strategic Idea has been formed and launched
  • The system has been set and the team has been completed with new members for the realization of the Strategic Idea


  • Planned EBITDA indicators have been achieved
  • Planned sales figures have been achieved
  • The plan to scale the retail network has been executed
  • EBITDA indicators in the company’s new retail outlets are 15% higher than in the leading retail outlets
  • Years: 2012
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: Aylis, LLC