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Теva Ukraine

About the Project

ТеvaUkraine is one of the top 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine; it is a part of the leading International Pharmaceutical Corporation Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Project duration: 4 months


The consultants of STRATEGIC received the task: to develop a strategy of 5 years, in partnership with the leaders of ТеvaUkraine. Such strategy had to ensure:

  • getting the company into the top three companies in the Ukrainian market;
  • 2 times higher sales growth than the market average;
  • 2 times less growth in costs compared to sales growth.


The following things were provided:

  • research of Ukrainian and world trends in the field of pharmaceuticals and healthcare cluster to find innovations and sources of growth;
  • search for ТеvaUkraine Strategic Idea within the global Strategic Idea of ТevaPharmaceuticals (definition of vision, mission, client focus, and product);
  • development of the strategy for positioning on the Ukrainian market;
  • drawing up a strategy map and an implementation plan.


  • Strategy corresponding to the company’s strategic goals
  • High-quality strategy taking into account the trends of Ukraine and the world
  • Focused team
  • A clear plan for the strategy implementation (indicating quarterly initiatives, resources and responsible people)
  • Years: 2012
  • Solution: Strategy Development
  • Client: Теva Ukraine