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Group of Companies “Rosa”

About the Project

“Rosa” is the market leader in Ukraine in the distribution of professional range of materials for artists, creative work and hobbies.

Project duration: 6 months


Launching the strategy implementation (as the final stage of a large project “Building a comprehensive business”), we were pursuing the following goal: to start the implementation of the strategic idea and the strategy developed in the previous stages.

The interim head from STRATEGIC faced the following objectives:

  • Sharing experience on the strategy implementation to the key team
  • Preparing the staff for changes
  • Launching the implementation process, namely in its key aspects: formation of a new product portfolio and building distribution on a national scale
  • Formation of the top team of the future
  • Launch of the CEO position (transfer of control from the Owner to CEO)


It was planned to bring the strategic idea and the strategy itself into action through business processes. At the same time, the company remained focused on the sales growth indicator as the way to prove the potential of a new strategic idea and strategy in action.


  1. The use of the company resources has been optimized
  2. The pace of decision-making in the team has been accelerated
  3. The sales volume has been increased
  4. The management team has been completed with new experts
  5. The operational control has been transferred from the Owner to CEO
  6. Processes have been prepared for the systematic growth of the company’s income for a given period through achieving the following results:
    • Assortment matrix has been structured
    • New products have been developed
    • New sales channels have been formed
    • Representation and coverage of traditional and new sales channels by segmented standards have been extended
  • Years: 2013
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: Group Of Companies ``Rosa``