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Doctor Bubnovsky’s Centre

About the Project

Doctor Bubnovsky’s Centre is a network of medical institutions in Ukraine, working by the method of non-surgical non-drug treatment of the spine and joints diseases and recovery from injuries developed by Professor S.M. Bubnovsky. It is a part of the system that unites more than 110 centers in Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Montenegro, USA, India, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Cyprus.

Project duration: 4 months


To develop a strategy for the development of a network of clinics for 5 years, aimed to implement such basic goals set by the Owner:

  • Continuous increase of the customer flow
  • Ensuring high-quality operations of clinics
  • Comprehensive development of the network
  • Stable financial result


Two stages were identified in the strategy development:

  • In what direction are we planning to develop and what do we want to achieve?
    •  Vision formation –  2017
    • Mission development
    • Setting strategic goals
  •  How are we going to develop in 2013-2017?
    • Development of strategic positioning
    • Formation of the business strategy
    • Modeling of business processes and organizational structure
    • Development of an implementation plan (identification of the first priority steps)


A strategic framework for the systematic, focused development of the network has been built and a business portfolio of 12 first priority projects has been designed.

  • Years: 2016-2017
  • Solution: Strategy Development
  • Client: Doctor Bubnovsky's Centre