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NNEGC “Energoatom”

About the Project

Building a National Center for Training Managers

The project was initiated by the European Commission. General Contractor: company AREVA (Germany) in consortium with the companies “Spider Management Technologies Ukraine” and STRATEGIC.

The Company faced the problem of further effective development and successful competition in the market. The management decided on drastic changes in the training of managerial personnel, namely: to bring the system of corporate training to a higher level with an emphasis on continuous development of new approaches, techniques and technologies, deepening of knowledge, formation and improvement of skills necessary for managers to perform strategic business tasks. To implement this decision, a new corporate structure was developed — the “Center for Training Managers”.


The project team was set 2 main objectives:

  • To establish a large-scale system of professional development and training in the form of the “National Center for Training Managers” (designed for 4.5 thousand).
  • To transform the organizational culture with the increased focus on the market culture, safety, efficiency and performance.


A large international team, including STRATEGIC consultants, worked on the project. Diagnostics and analysis of the personnel training system were carried out and the perspective zones of development were determined.
The consultants’ approach to the implementation of the project tasks was based on 5 leading principles:

  1. Achievement of the company’s strategic goals.
  2. Systematic training and professional development of managers.
  3. Adaptation of effective global methodologies for managers development.
  4. Close cooperation with top management of the company.
  5. Fulfillment of the conditions for functioning of the integrated security system.



  • the company competency model;
  • competency profiles for managers needed to adapt to new market conditions;
  • the management evaluation system;
  • individual development plans for managers;
  • corporate directory of programs for managers development


  • comprehensive training of managers.

Formed and prepared:

  • change management team in the company.
  • Years: 2012
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: NNEGC ``Energoatom``