Strategic session
Strategic session is the main tool of the owner to determine the company's strategic goals in the long term as well as the plan to achieve them. However, without a proper methodology and approach this tool does not work, and only disorients top managers with its figures and prospects. Without analytical and methodological tools the strategy is most likely to remain a beautiful fantasy and not a real tool for the company scaling and development.
Symptoms of an ineffective strategic session:
It turns into a long meeting
Your team decides to hold a strategic session of its own, but the only thing different from the meeting is that your conversation takes more time. You have planned some figures, a rough action plan, but there are still neither specificity, nor the business growth.
No bright ideas
High quality session brings many new strategic decisions, ideas, options for business models and some alternative ways for business development. In your strategic session, you have not stepped out the familiar frameworks and product packaging.
Your team is in conflict
When professionals exchange ideas – it is an opportunity to develop a good idea. But if the team often points fingers at each other rather than offers the way of development, you are in a threatening situation. Most likely, the session will not be productive, and the management is pulling your business in different directions.
If nothing changes
Your sessions are only going to waste your and your employees' time. What is worse, you will have no really good development strategy, which would be understandable and inspiring for the team. Managers will hold their opinion. Employees will be making unrealistic plans without a proper analytics and a systematic approach within the company. And at the end of the year you will once again listen to excuses of your team, why the reporting results are not in line with the planned financial results.
The way we work
Identification of reality
We conduct a quick audit of the financial soundness of a company, business system and business culture. Through an interview we prepare the owner and the team for participation. We give the owner an objective assessment of what is happening in the company.
We prepare economic, technological and industry trends. We analyze competitors and study the best business models, we make companies’ benchmarking. We develop and approve the scenario.
We use moderation and facilitation tools to focus the team on achieving the goals of the strategic session. We participate in the strategic session on an equal footing with the team, jointly develop a strategy map, a business model and a mechanism for goals implementation.
Launch Plan
Each strategy requires resources, competences, and a step-by-step plan for its implementation into the existing business system. We discuss the team competences, the responsibility of top management and the ability to avoid risks in implementation of the decisions taken at the strategic session.
The most effective tool for the result-orientation
Strategic session is a mandatory element of the strategy planning, without it your team will not be able to synchronize and work to achieve result. Our experience allows us to bring all the participants of the strategic session in a constructive storm for the emergence of new ideas. Through benchmarking of the most effective companies in the industry and trends we're going to get the team out if its comfort zone. You will receive a step-by-step realistic instruction of capitalization, scaling, and growth of your business.
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