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A strategic session will help you put a team together and jointly develop strategic solutions according to new realities, find growth points and valuable insights. Together with you and the TOP team we create a breakthrough strategic idea and a result-oriented strategy.

Tasks that a strategic session can cope with

  • Redefine the idea of company development
  • Define strategic objectives
  • Develop a medium-term/long-term development strategy
  • See new market opportunities: unoccupied niches
  • Revise the current business model and create a new one to suit the new realities
  • Find growth points under uncertainty and poor predictability
  • Identify priority areas for business and assets for protection
  • Synchronize the team around common objectives and develop a plan to achieve them
  • Adapt the team to new conditions and accelerated pace

Why now

  • Going back to the old operating conditions is not very promising
  • Changing customer behavior in the market
  • Uncertainty about sales development forecasts
  • Decreased or uncompetitive operating activity
  • The team “requires” area redefinition to be more effective
  • It’s time to take a breath and look at your business from a different angle
  • Elaborate strategic issues you did not have time for
  • Listen to your team and find new ideas together
  • Changes in the TOP team

Your results

  • Medium-term/long-term development strategy
  • Agreed objectives in development for several scenarios of external environment
  • Roadmap and solutions
  • Activity model
  • Team mobilization
  • Actions-results

How we prepare and hold a strategic session

1. Blitz-audit

We analyze the current state of business, its financial status, the state of business system and corporate culture. We prepare the team for the session through interviews. We draw conclusions for the owners about the status of the company and a clear framework of target effect of decisions taken at the session.

2. Out-of-the-box analytics

Together we look for unfulfilled market demand, identify trends and highlight innovative opportunities. We find new effective business models for you to use in business.

3. Holding the session

We hold a session in a facilitation format in 4-6 half-day stages in a format convenient for you. Your team: up to 15 top managers. Our team: 2 strategists and one strategy analyst. We participate in brainstorming on par with the team. We work together to develop solutions. We ask questions and give comments to strengthen your decision. We jointly develop a strategic idea, strategy and business model, mechanisms for the achievement of the set objectives.

4. Bring solutions into operation in sprint format

Together we form an action chart, launching steps and a model of the team to be implemented. Where appropriate, we jointly implement the above to achieve the result.


How much time does it take to prepare and hold one session?

Answer: 10-14 days of preparation + 4-6 half-days, that is about 20 days.

How many people are needed on the team to have a strategic session?

Answer: Up to 15 people, so that the session is still effective and we do not lose team involvement.

How will the strategic session be held?

Answer: You can choose your preferred format: offline, online or mix. In online and mix formats the session will be held as a zoom conference using several interactive techniques.


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