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Owner’s withdrawal from operational management

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If you are the owner and founder of a business, your company is not just a way of making money for you, but your lifetime project. Despite this, there’s a moment when you need to leave the operational management and ensure the company’s efficiency and success without your 24/7 supervision.

Withdrawal from the operational management does not mean that you are leaving the company, in fact, your role is changing.

The founder can and “should”, with a certain regularity, revise his/her role, the model of involvement, which depends on the personal vision of development, the image of the company in the future, the market conditions: you can rise from an entrepreneur to an executive director, visionary, investor or any other role, which you will define for yourself during the project.

If today no decisions are made without you, no one takes drastic measures without your consent, and all responsibility lies only on you, then your withdrawal from operational management leads to destructive risks. In this case, we recommend to start with the development and implementation of a corporate governance model.

You need to cooperate with us while withdrawing from the operational management if

  • You feel anxious about the possibility of losing control over the company
    You doubt about the tools to influence the company. You are not sure that you can control the business system and, as a result, you cannot be calm without constant involvement in operational management.
  • You have a question “who will take care of my business if not me?”
    Someone will have to replace you, make important decisions and control the process. It is important for you to have a reliable person who will develop the company, take care of the business as if it were his/her own, and be honest with you. But the very thought of how long it will take to find and test such a manager gives rise to concern.

What results will you have after the project

  • Your new role in the company has been defined
  • A long-term idea and business development strategy was structured as one of the succession mechanisms in the company
  • Organizational structure, corporate governance principles were adapted: owner-team relationship
  • A step-by-step plan for exiting operational management has been prepared: we identify all risks and accompany this process so that it goes as smoothly as possible and contributes to the company’s development
  • Tools for constant monitoring of the situation in the company have been created

How we work, what we focus on

Ideas and development strategies of the company

With a strategic idea and clear goals, your team will understand what it must achieve and be responsible for it. We make sure that the developed strategic solutions are realistic and meet the requirements of the local and global market. Our methodology and systematic approach give an understanding of what the company is working for and make it capable of more.

Current decision-making model in your company and the business condition, prospects

First you need to understand what cannot function without you at the moment. When exactly your team cannot do without your decision, and what components of your work ensure the success of the business system.

Building a future decision-making model that allows business to cope without you

Together with you, we work out a model of business functioning without your intervention. Who will make decisions and be responsible for business development? How can the owner control the company and have a complete picture of what is happening in it?

Business process models and structures

We form an organizational model that will ensure the coherence of business processes. The processes must be flexible so that they can quickly adapt to changing circumstances, take advantage of business opportunities, and reduce key risks. We are establishing a system of relationships between the owner and local top management.

Team training

Together with the owner, we look for and train top management that will ensure the company’s growth. We check the system for viability and accompany the process until it is completed successfully.