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Corporate governance in accordance with international standards

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Well-established corporate governance has a large impact on the company’s attractiveness in the capital market, increasing its competitiveness. Moreover, corporate governance contributes to the shareholders’ satisfaction in terms of protecting their rights, increasing the efficiency of asset management both in mono-companies and in groups of companies, holdings, joint-stock companies and family businesses.

We will help you set up an efficient corporate governance system that meets Ukrainian and international standards.

Signs that the company needs setting the corporate governance

  • Unclear division of roles and competences of management bodies. Dissatisfaction with the work of the management company or corporate center
  • Disagreements between shareholders
  • Low efficiency in the management of business areas, assets
  • Weak collegial bodies, weak management accountability
  • Low level of transparency
  • Weak functions of risk management, internal audit
  • The professional level of management does not meet the needs of the business
  • Inefficient strategy and budget

Our corporate governance services

  • Analysis and expert assessment of corporate governance, using, inter alia, corporate governance scorecards
  • Formation of a corporate governance policy, including the development and implementation of a roadmap for the implementation of the Corporate Governance Code. Development of internal corporate documentation
  • Setting up a management company or corporate center: business processes, structure and performance indicators
  • Evaluation of the activities of the board of directors, development of functions and responsibilities of the board of directors
  • Participation in the board of directors as an independent director, including training and maintaining
  • Selection and introduction of qualified and independent directors into the company’s supervisory board
  • Creation of efficient communication and accountability channels between the board of directors and the executive body of the company, which will streamline decision-making and control functions, which, in turn, will increase the indicators of its performance and economic activity

As a result, good corporate governance

  • Will increase the level and efficiency of interaction between corporate governance bodies and business areas. Indicators of company accountability, indicators of their efficiency and competitiveness
  • Will provide reliable guarantees of observance of shareholders’ rights through a system of equal treatment
  • Will provide incentives for the company’s management or business areas to strive to achieve the goals of the company and shareholders, as well as to exercise proper control for more efficient use of resources
  • Will increase the investment attractiveness and market value of the company


Corporate governance is a system by which a company/group of companies can be efficiently developed, controlled and guided.


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