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Weidmann International Corporation — Malyn Paper Mill (MPM)

About the Project

Evaluating the return on investment in the development of MPM. Development of a Strategy for MPM

Weidmann International Corporation  is a Swiss transnational corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of a range of types of paper and cardboard,and derived insulation products, and plastic products.


The long-term working relationship with weidmann international corporation was designed to expand the business of the corporation in ukraine through the acquisition and systematic development of malyn paper mill.


The key phases of collaboration were:

  1. Assessment and rationale definition for the acquisition of MPM:
    • Value propositions for the products produced by MPM”
    • Sales forecast for the next three years
    • Analysis of the competitive environment
    • Plan for marketing activities
    • Plan for manufacturing activity
    • Financial analysis of MPM
    • Forecast return on investment
  1. Development of an investment programme for four years
  2. Creation of a strategy for MPM that would be in line with the strategy of the corporation as a whole
  3. Audit of business processes
  4. Audit of Human Resources
  5. Supporting the transformation process at the strategic level by adding Oleksandr Savruk from Strategic to the Supervisory Board of MPM


  • Business model eebuilt
  • Enabled the development of MPM as a player in global competition and the entry of an international corporation into the Ukraine market
  • The company retained its role as a fully-fledged business unit of the corporation, not just a manufacturing facility
  • Years: 2000-2006
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: Global Spirits