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UTEM Group

About the Project

Transformation of the UTEM Group — Strategic Idea, business strategy and business processes

UTEM is one of the leading construction companies in Ukraine, specialising in energy and industrial construction. Industry Leader in its sector, in engineering, project management and the commissioning of equipment.

Project Duration: 9 months


To undertake the transformation of one of the leading energy and industrial construction companies in ukraine.


The project implementation took place in three phases:

  1. Strategy Development
    • Formulation of the vision and the mission
    • Development of strategies and objectives
    • Renewal of the portfolio of businesses of the Group
    • Formulation of management principles
    • Formulation of the organisational structure of the Head Office
    • Determination of the responsibilities of Head Office
  2. Creating a business model
    • Development of business process models for strategic business directions
    • Modelling the structure sub-processes
    • Developing a map of the responsibilities of the owners of business processes
    • Coordination of the structure of corporate documentation of business processes and associated conditions
    • Development of a Rewards Policy for the owners of business processes by appraising Key Performance Indicators
  3. Defining the principles of management accounting

Details of the transformation and its results may be found in the interview with Andriy Stalnyi — CEO of UTEM.


  • Comprehensive transformation launched
  • Radical changes in the Strategic Idea, strategies, understanding of the products and the customer
  • Process approach to management launched
  • Increased understanding by staff  of the need for change
  • Years: 2005-2006
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: UTEM Group