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Biocon Group

About the Project

Delivering a Strategy for the development of the Biocon Group of Companies and the formulation of an investment project in its logistics business line

Biocon is one of the leading Ukrainian logistics operators in the medical products sector of both national and overseas production.

Project duration: 9 months


Development of a Strategy for the Group holding company; attracting financial investment for the development of the logistics business line.


The project consisted of three phases:

  1. The production of a Strategy for Group development for 2004-2011 years.
    • Evaluation of trends in global and Ukrainian pharmaceutical clusters. Developing strategic assumptions
    • Analysis of the results of the companies’ activities
    • Formulation of a Vision for the Group for the next 8 years
    • Detailing Group targets over the next 4 years
    • Producing a development strategy each member of the business Group
    • Assessment of the legislative environment and its impact on the pharmaceuticals market
    • Analysis of the financial status of the key directions of the Group’s businesses
  2. Generation of an investment project
    • Analysis of the investment forecast and risk assessment
    • Develop a plan and structure for investment
  3. Receiving investment from the International Finance Corporation (IFC)


  • A strategy put in place for the holding company
  •  3.5 million USD loan from IFC obtained, the first IFC investment in a logistics service company in Ukraine
  • Years: 2005
  • Solution: Strategy Development
  • Client: Biocon Group