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Marine Design Engineering Mykolayiv, LLC (MDEM)

About the Project


The task set for STRATEGIC experts and the team of MARINE DESIGN ENGINEERING MYKOLAYIV, LLC was to apply the latest HR practices and clarify the methodological features of localization of HR standards of a global company DAMEN GROUP in MDEM.


  • Within the framework of the project, in accordance with the principles and stages defined for its implementation, methodological training and a workshop on the application of modern approaches to the management of HR-systems were held for MDEM managers.

The project team worked on such basic units:

  • personnel development strategy and its correlation with the company’s business objectives (including levels of maturity of the management system according to CMM [Capability Maturity Model], types of business culture and their limitations);
  • management of remuneration and competitiveness in the labor market (including the latest approaches to the development and application of compensation and motivation systems);
  • selection and adaptation: the best methods (including selection by the model of competencies and a modern approach to onboarding);
  • efficiency management: how to make the strategy work (performance management cycle; examples of quality assessment systems; employee development matrix; development and assignment of individual development projects);
  • talent development system.


  1. The MDEM management team has received tools to work with the latest HR techniques and skills to apply them in the localization of the parent company’s standards.
  2. On the basis of HR-documentation, DAMEN GROUP has developed the first drafts of key documents for HR management for MDEM — a graded competency model and profiles of some roles.
  • Years: 2015
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: Marine Design Engineering Mykolayiv, LLC (MDEM)