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ADAMA Ukraine

About the Project

ADAMA is a leading manufacturer of plant protection products in the world. Strategic was set a challenge to develop a strategy for sustainable growth and development, find new high-margin sources of sales growth, increase the business margin, and develop and test a new value proposition.

Strategic experts together with the management team of the Ukrainian office of ADAMA have developed:

  • New strategic idea of the Ukrainian branch of ADAMA
  • New market positioning of the company a new product
  • Organizational model and structure according to a new idea and strategy
  • Plan to launch the strategy for its implementation

Project results:

  • For 2 years ADAMA Ukraine has increased sales by 100%
  • Vision product developed during the joint project amounted to 50% of the entire product portfolio of the company
  • A new product received “MAKE IT SIMPLE 2016” award as the best innovative product at the international level
  • Years: 2016-2017
  • Solution: Strategy Development
  • Client: ADAMA Ukraine