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Company “Plastic Card”

About the Project

Plastic Card Company is a major Ukrainian manufacturer, the market leader in the manufacturing of payment means of international payment systems, asked STRATEGIC for help in accelerating the implementation of its strategy. An interim administration approach was chosen to implement the project.

Project duration: 7 months

The main motives that prompted the Owner to launch the project:

  • Start the transformation process in the company
  • Start the process of implementing the company’s strategy
  • To begin the development of the direction on sales to Europe

Principles that guided the experts of STRATEGIC during the project:

  1. Introduction of interim administrators with experience on a level higher than in the existing system
  2. Cooperation and communication with the managing Owner of the company at all stages of decision-making
  3. Completing the team with the relevant permanent managers to achieve strategic goals
  4. Methodological transparency and training of the team during the project implementation
  5. Preparing the team for the next level of challenges, namely: for the development of growth areas for the business in 2015-2016.
  • Years: 2014
  • Solution: Company ``Plastic Card``
  • Client: Global Spirits