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About the Project

Formulation of the Vision for this Group of companies, the generation of a corporate management system and the creation of a management holding company

The Kaalbye Group is a major international conglomerate in the shipping market. It specialises in commercial and freight services, and the maintenance management for cargo fleets.

Project duration: 4 months


To determine the long-term focus of the international group of companies, and create a management company.


The first stage was to determine the long-term (5-10 year) vision for the group, which was conceived as shifting the management of the company from  managing a set of assets to a system in accordance with the strategic idea. The next stage was the formation of a management company providing direction under corporate principles. And finally, a management company was to be created to the following aspects:

  • A model for the responsibilities of the board of directors
  • Defining the tasks and responsibilities of operational committees
  • The role of a director in the head office of the management company
  • Principles of involving independent directors in decision-making
  • The role of executive directors in the management group
  • Regulations of the secretariat
  • Principles of corporate conduct


  • The Vision defined for the group of companies
  • A mechanism instituted for management of the group
  • Restructured portfolio of assets under the new Vision and new objectives, through systematic unification, acquisition and divestment of assets)
  • Years: 2004
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: KAALBYE Group