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About the Project

“ERIDON” is the leader of the Ukrainian market in the field of distribution of plant protection products, seeds of field crops, basic fertilizers and fertilizers for foliar application.

Project duration: 2 months


The following main objectives of the change strategy have been identified:

  1. Easing the pressure on marginality and stopping the loss of the market share
  2. Finding new sources for growth and development of the company
  3. Changing the corporate culture: implementation of the values for development, consistency and responsibility


In its market, the company has been a leader for a long time, and there is no clear need for changes. To mitigate the risks of non-launch of the change strategy, it was decided to define in details the real motives, needs of the system and the ways of changes.

It involved finding answers to the following questions:

  1. The starting point of the changes. Why do we need to change something? What are the business goals of the project “Reboot”? Who will help us to implement changes?
  2. Current state of the system as a whole
  3. What needs changing? Their scale and depth
  4. Approach: top down, bottom up, horizontal (for business processes)
  5. Entry point: finding what will trigger the changes
  6. The necessary leadership style to drive change
  7. Direction of changes or “Reboot” project plan; tools
  8. Alternatives


  1. The company potential has been revealed
  2. The attention of the management is focused on the bottlenecks of the system, including the company’s business culture
  3. A plan of changes has been developed: a portfolio of internal projects and initiatives has been formed
  4. Alternative scenarios of changes have been developed
  • Years: 2013
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: “Eridon”