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Your ambition is the beating heart of your business. As an owner, CEO or
entrepreneur, you put all your passion and take personal responsibility for the result
of the organization, strive to achieve the status of a market leader, taking
possible risks.

Symptoms indicating that YOU PERSONALLY need to achieve the market leader status

  • Your vision of business development goes beyond the standard business planning horizon of 1-2 years. The time horizon can be up to 5 years or more
  • You provoke the team, make artificial crises in order to create an impetus for development
  • You consider geographic expansion as a zero-option way of business development
  • You break the established rules, set your own ones
  • Financial and market results, leadership not only in market share are essential to you

You have goals, you need a business-developer advisor who, together with you and your team, will come up with a breakthrough strategic solution and launch it into implementation a lot faster than when you do it yourself.

Over 25 years of cooperation with our clients, including the most ambitious representatives of large business in Ukraine, we have jointly achieved leadership positions in the market.

Among the projects we have implemented, we want to highlight “Darnitsa” Pharmaceutical Company, Adama Ukraine, BaDM, kNESS Group, Olvia-Construction (Olvia Corporation), Global Spirits.

We use innovative knowledge in global technologies, the experience gained and successful client cases in the creation of an author’s methodology and its adaptation to the existing market challenges both for the development and implementation of solutions.

What results will you have after the project

Professional innovative approach to leadership positions:

  • The idea that matches your ambitions, company potential and market challenges have been found. Innovations
  • Business model has been built subject to resource availability
  • The idea, the business model has passed the first test by the market: “quick wins” have led to a successful market and financial result
  • The organizational model has been built to achieve leadership positions
  • “Platform”: partnerships with organizations for mutual reinforcement. For you: enhanced value proposition/cost optimization, acceleration
  • Joint going into actions and results has been organized
  • A field for constructive dialogue and exchange of views between the owner and the team has been created
  • The team are involved, develop and unlock their potential
  • Your personal drive and team drive! 🙂

How we work, what we focus on

World practice

Based on global trends, innovations, we make a forecast regarding the potential evolution of industries, promising areas for development. This becomes the basis for testing your idea if you have formed it before launching the project, or the basis for finding and forming a strategy for market leadership according to Strategic methodology.

Clients of your organization

By prioritizing the clients’ needs and wishes, working with them and establishing an ongoing dialogue, you can get a unique competitive advantage.

These companies know everything about their clients, anticipate their future needs and create proactive value.

As part of the project, we conduct a series of interviews with your clients and partners to identify your core competencies, find “gaps” and potential growth areas.

Your people

Winning the battle for talent requires creating the environment that attracts and retains the right people to develop your business — not only outstanding ones, but also those who fit the company’s culture, sharing its mission and vision.

Business goals and vision must be consistent with the staff motivation system.

To fully achieve your ambitions, you need to invest in your employees, reveal their talents, help them develop skills that meet the business needs at every growth stage.

Working with the organization’s culture is a key element for us that ensures the achievement of sustainable development and the implementation of strategic solutions at the end of the project.

Business process models and structures

The business process model should focus on the value you create for your customers. It is the link between your vision and your ability to achieve it. Having a clear approach that links processes to strategy will enhance the company's ability to succeed.

Processes must be flexible so that they can quickly adapt to changing circumstances, take advantage of business opportunities, and reduce key risks.


All businesses need funds to grow. The way the business manages its money — and the money of its investors — will determine its course for the future.

Guided by a market leadership strategy that we will develop with you, we will determine the best approach to financial management at every stage, benefiting from the management of available funds.

We will diagnose and provide recommendations regarding the financial and investment model, reporting forms and indicators, allowing you to make informed decisions to achieve market leadership.


Partner organizations are increasingly used to create a comprehensive value proposition on an “open model” or “ecosystem” basis. This enables to significantly reduce the amount of required investments by involving partner organizations with the competencies we need.

Within the framework of the project, Strategic experts together with you determine the optimal configuration of the business model and coordinate the selection of partners, if necessary.

Going into action and achieving results

Together we develop implementation plans, having prepared the team as much as possible for going into action. We launch critical initiatives together. We build team interaction and implementation management using efficient tools that increase team engagement.


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