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M&A strategy development

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The M&A strategy involves knowing what makes your business successful today, and what assets can enhance your business model to achieve targets at high speed.

The M&A strategy enables the company to strengthen its position and improve business efficiency. M&A is becoming a good step for companies looking to gain stable growth and new market share. In some cases, M&A is the only chance for a company to stay afloat and sustain competition.

When implementing the M&A strategy, the company gains not only control over the acquired operating business, but also new competencies, qualified specialists, well-established business processes and a base of active contracts.

To have complete information about the object of the transaction or about a potential buyer, Strategic experts carry out a pre-M&A strategic analysis.

The M&A strategy is needed if you want to

  • Expand market share in a relatively short time
  • Ensure significant and stable growth
  • Get new strategic business opportunities

Project outcomes for you

  • Increase in profits
  • The company’s entry into new geographic sales markets
  • Increase in company’s market share
  • Increase in business capitalization
  • Increase in quality of management

How we work

Our experience and expertise in M&A strategy and due diligence allows us to widely present opportunities for capacity building, ensuring that your team and your entire organization can handle all aspects of M&A strategy.

We consider four critical opportunities: targeting, thesis for investment, value creation and risk reduction.

Our M&A experts will help you at each step of the way:

  • Increase chances of success by perfecting M&A strategy and objectives, developing M&A team and capabilities, creating an iterative process.
  • Take due diligence to the next level with evidence-based, rigorously quantifiable assessment that can help you prevent deal rush, identify synergies that others are missing, and prepare for integration long before the transaction is signed.
  • Maximize the value of corporate acquisitions with a tried and tested integration approach that mitigates many of the risks that could undermine the expected synergy of the transaction

Strategic develops the M&A strategy that complements the overall corporate strategy and matches your business model.


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