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Setting up (development and implementation) of the management performance system

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The form of accounting and financial reporting, which functions in all organizations without exception, is standardized and used for a formal purpose — relations with the state, tax planning.

This reporting does not meet the needs of top management, does not allow making both strategic and operational decisions, since, firstly, it is not adapted to your business goals and market specifics, and secondly, there is a significant time gap between actions and the analysis of their results.

It is necessary to regularly analyze where your business is now, where it is going and what you can do to improve it. This is necessary to create the basis for what you want to achieve in the future. That’s what management reporting is for!

Your company needs to implement a management performance system when

  • You are the owner and have decided to leave operational management/switch your attention to other businesses, but it is important for you to monitor the efficiency of your top management’s actions, to understand how things are going
  • You are the owner/top manager and want to digitize the business, create an “early alert system”, see systemic deviations in efficiency and understand their causes before it is too late
  • You are the owner/top manager and you feel that the company’s potential enables you to achieve more, but the current indicators that you use seem descent. Perhaps other parameters should be compared? How do you compare yourself with your competitors and, most importantly, with your “past version of yourself”? What to strive for?

Project outcomes for you

A tool has been created that monitors the cause-and-effect relationship between team actions and operational efficiency in real time, which allows making managerial decisions:

  • Clear and simple reporting to track the performance of the business as a system and the personnel efficiency, in particular, in accordance with the strategic goals, is prepared
  • Responsibility maps generated
  • A plan for the management performance implementation in the organization’s practical activities is prepared
  • A system of feedback between employees, management and owners is in place
  • The team is motivated: material incentives are based on measurable indicators that are clear, predictable and do not depend on the biased assessments of the manager


Among the main categories of indicators, we single out: turnover indicators, profit indicators, margin indicators, performance indicators per employee.

Depending on the business specifics, the internal content of the categories may differ.

How we work, what we focus on

Business process models and structures

The business process model should focus on the value you create for your customers, it is a link between your vision and the ability to achieve it. Having a clear approach that links processes to strategy will enhance the company's ability to succeed.

Processes must be flexible so that they can quickly adapt to changing circumstances, exploit business opportunities, and mitigate key risks.


All companies need funds to grow. The way a business manages its money — and the money of its investors — will determine its course for the future.

We will diagnose and provide recommendations regarding the financial and investment model, reporting forms and indicators, allowing you to make informed decisions to achieve market leadership.

Taking action and achieving results

We together design implementation plans, preparing the team for taking action as much as possible. We launch critical initiatives together. We build team interaction and implementation management using efficient tools that increase team involvement.