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Building a sustainable business

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The more turbulent the external environment or the more ambitious the goals, the greater the challenges the company will face. Whether it transforms challenges into opportunities and financial results depends on its strategic, organizational, cultural and financial capabilities. That is, from its sustainability.

Signs showing that business as a system requires enhanced sustainability

  • Your business is your legacy, almost a second self. It has many times less chances to “survive” without you
  • The value proposition is constantly changing, the client does not know exactly what he will receive from you tomorrow, and people in the company also do not quite understand what task they have tomorrow, what the priorities are
  • The company’s operating efficiency is lower than that of competitors or is not stable or does not grow
  • Financial and market results of the business are poorly predictable/planned
  • The team is very slow to adapt to changes in the external environment


We will rebuild the business model and the model of the company’s business processes, including the business process of continuous improvement and improved performance, and change the management system itself together with you, with the key team. This is based on: the key idea that was laid as its basis by you, as a founder, yourself or with Partners.

Project outcomes for you

  • A value proposition formed, a business model resistant to external challenges built
  • The “core” of your business has been identified, strengthened or developed: core goods/services that provide uniqueness, generate a significant part of the profit, act as drivers for expanding the range and building up the client base
  • Efficient organizational structure and business processes of the company using the best practices in the industry (local and global)
  • Crisis preparedness. Efficient and fast recovery from the crisis: an adjusted internal business process of continuous improvement
  • Confidence in the company’s future, a clear development strategy
  • Taking action jointly both for testing the viability of the value proposition, business model, business processes, and for their immediate implementation
  • Drive in the team and preparedness for any negative scenarios:). Self-help toolkit

How we work, what we focus on

Core of your business and value proposition

Core diagnostics enables to identify the growth sources and margins today, which will create a margin of safety for the company for a long time and a protection plan for “here and now”. (link to anti-crisis product).

Comparing your core business with the needs of your target customers creates value that will evolve in the long term, while remaining relevant. Your product will be not only what you know how to do, but also what is in demand in the market and distinguishes favorably from that of the competitors. This approach allows you to form a target assortment matrix of goods/services.

Strategic experts diagnose/develop the core and value proposition using international and local trends, finding open niches in the market.

Your people

Winning the battle for talents requires creating an environment that attracts and retains the right people to develop your business.

By giving your people the freedom to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions, instead of playing the role of ordinary performers, you increase their level of involvement and willingness to do their best.

Business process models and structures

The business process model should focus on the value that is created for external and internal customers. It is the link between your vision and the ability to achieve it, operational efficiency. Having a clear approach that links processes to strategy will enhance the company's ability to deliver predictable results.

Processes must be flexible so that they can quickly adapt to changing circumstances, exploit business opportunities, and mitigate key risks.


All companies need funds to grow. The way a business manages its money - and the money of its investors - will determine its course for the future.

We will carry out diagnostics and provide recommendations regarding the financial and investment model, reporting forms and indicators that enable to make informed decisions to achieve the company's sustainability.

Taking action and achieving results

We together design implementation plans, preparing the team as much as possible for taking action. We launch critical initiatives together. We build team interaction and implementation management using efficient tools that increase team involvement.


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