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Generation of the company development idea

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The nature of the team is such that if you keep it in the logic of “survival or anti-crisis” for more than 3 months, the likelihood of returning the previous type of thinking, the ability to act in the context of a long-term development horizon is sharply reduced. As a result, the company’s decline is possible. Especially the one which has not very high underlying strength.

Regardless of whether the crisis affected adversely the activities of your organization, or vice versa — strengthened your position, it is high time to ask yourself the question “Where to go next?”, Since the world has already changed and will never be the same.

The answer is in the generation of an innovative idea of business development: vision, mission and values.

Vision is your dream, the target state of your business in 3-5-10 years, a system image that is ahead of the product and market life cycle, technological breakthroughs, managerial rigidity and centralized leadership. The vision will help synchronize your team, fill everyone’s actions with a common idea and, at the same time, preserve uniqueness, relying on your strengths formed over the years.

Mission is the purport of existence of your organization, the answer to the question: for whom do you work and what value you create for them, what is the competitive advantage.

Values ​​are what we believe in and how we make decisions. It is a personal and collective ideal, the high-level criteria for day-to-day action.

Signs indicating that company development idea needs updating

  • You are looking for new opportunities for your business, but you do not have a clear image/model of the future for the business and set the task to generate it
  • You want to bring your business to a qualitatively new level, having ambitious goals, to implement them
  • You want to unite a team and define an idea that will help the business grow and develop

Project outcomes for you

  • An idea has been identified that will enable you to strengthen your market positions, stay ahead of time
  • Strategic focus defined: consumers, value proposition and uniqueness, which will ensure achievement of market and financial goals by the company in the long term
  • Promising target value code of the company highlighted
  • An understanding of what the company is working for is achieved, the work of key employees is filled with idea
  • Your strategic decisions are realistic, checked for compliance with the trends of the local and global markets, your core competencies

How we work, what we focus on


We analyze the strategy and business model that your company currently has. Together with your team, we check it for strength. Finding what your business system does better, what makes the most profit. We identify the problems that slow you down.

Best practice and innovation

Our experts identify critical development areas and promising business models for both global leaders and fast-growing companies in your market. We focus on both your industry and those adjacent to it, whose players form innovative and comprehensive value propositions for the client.

Finding open niches

Identification of unsolved/poorly solved problems and tasks of consumers, certain segments, the solution of which may allow growing significantly or increase the level of marginality in comparison with your historical idea.

Value proposal

Designing a value proposition through targeted customer experiences, international and local benchmarks, and market and financial viability assessment.

Taking action and achieving results

We clarify the strategic goals of the business. To implement the new vision and mission, we make a plan for the company's transformations.