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Veresen Plus, LLC

About the Project

Veresen Plus is a regional leader in distribution and retail sales of food products (BBH, PEPSI and other brands).

Project duration: 8 months


To develop comprehensive tools for the distribution company development; to form a system of knowledge and skills for the top management regarding the strategic planning process.


The following stages were identified in the implementation of the project, which provided for training of top management, aimed at mastering the methodology of strategic planning, and expert support of the strategic architecture of the company “Veresen Plus”:

  1. Formation of the Strategic Idea, strategy and goals
  2. Modeling of business processes, “as it should be”, and of a new organizational structure
  3. Building a balanced system of indicators
  4. Building a management system for the business culture and the value-oriented attitude of the team


  • Business strategy and strategic goals for 3 years have been formed
  • A model of business processes, “as should be the case” has been developed
  • Competence model has been created
  • The process of building a value-oriented management system has been launched
  • The accounting system has been modernized with a view of new goals and processes
  • Management skills for strategic tuning of the system have been developed
  • The team work has been activated as a whole
  • Years: 2010
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: Veresen Plus, LLC