Drawing up Integrity Capital Fund’s Strategic Idea Project
The first project of cooperation of Strategic and Integrity Capital Fund (ICF) has been completed

The first project of cooperation of Strategic and Integrity Capital Fund (ICF) has been completed. It yielded a draft of strategic ideas and objectives, and the initial version of the investment business organizational structure of Integrity Capital Fund.

Collaboration involved three stages:

  • Stage 1. Identifying shareholder expectations;
  • Stage 2. Strengthening industry expertise: specialized analytics (global, local trends and benchmarks), meeting leading investment market experts;
  • Stage 3. Basic analysis of the current state of the asset portfolio in management.

A two-day field session was the key stage of the project. In the framework of the field session, shareholder expectations/vision, opportunities and limitations were discussed. The participants also identified a range of market opportunities for the development of successful investment business and discussed the trends (both international and local ones).

In addition, a number of other issues were discussed:

  • Zero point: current state of the assets, core competencies, asset for the development of investment business.
  • Investment business development alternatives: 3 business idea hypotheses
  • Idea selection criteria
  • Identification of strategic goals
  • Drawing up strategic ideas: Vision and Mission
  • Creating a draft of the organizational structure project and priority steps that include testing market the hypotheses behind the strategic idea.

Both Companies remained satisfied with the process and results of cooperation.

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