Business scaling
Your company has become successful because it has the power and potential you found and developed. But the more it grows, the more cumbersome and slow processes become, until it begins to slow its pace in the market. You know that you can do more and want to make it move faster. How to do it in the shortest time possible, when you have a big team with established views and traditional processes?
Symptoms indicating that your company is slowing down
Low efficiency
When the company was smaller, the processes were faster, and you managed to scale it and keep the financial results as high as possible. Now with the increase in sales, the business system is increasingly faltering. Your implemented activities do not solve the situation.
You and the management team often doubt the decisions soundness and take less risk. The cost of failure is higher and higher and so you seem to be moving in the dark not knowing what to expect.
Your customers are leaving
You start losing your clients as easy as you gained them. You strive to provide value to them, but failures occur more frequently, and consumers refuse your services. Your team is not experienced enough to handle the management of the company with the size it has reached.
If nothing changes
Slowing down does not mean resting on laurels, but is rather a symptom of lack of competitiveness. Something is not working as good as before, and you may lose the progress that was reached so hard. New company level and a long-term support for new efforts, and if you're not growing, then sooner or later the company will start to slide back to the beginning.
The way we work
Growth strategy
We diagnose the business system, we find the elements of your business model to scale and create a step-by-step business development plan. We generate the organizational model in accordance with it.
Interim management
We introduce industry experts and business developers to accelerate your business. We establish the organizational model of the company and the team and prepare the foundation for a breakthrough.
Mobilization of resources
We find the sources of energy for the growth and attract resources to start a change. We optimize the business model, checking in practice the functioning of its elements, improve its business systems to the maximum efficiency and stability.
We implement the strategy
After preparation of the company to the maximum, its team will be on the starting blocks for the implementation of the development strategy. Within set deadlines together with our managers and the community you will achieve your goals of scale development and capitalization. We transfer the company under control of a permanent CEO.
A breakthrough for scaling
It is a difficult task to achieve a significant business growth, when your company is not a startup anymore. New dimensions set new requirements to the team, as well as business models and processes within it. Through analytics we determine the financial results you can achieve, how you can sharpen the entire business system within the company for their achievement using the help of leading top-managers in the market.
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