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Business restart

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A tough competitive field, falling sales, conflicts in the team, loss of customers — every day the business faces various problems and challenges caused by internal or external factors.

In such cases, there is a need for an integrated approach, extraordinary thinking, ability to look at things from a completely different perspective — a kind of business restart.

Owing to various tools, approaches and innovative troubleshooting technologies, we find strong universal solutions for your business in a quite short period of time.

When your business needs restarting

  • There is a pressing question: should we “repair” or rebuild the company?
  • Competitors are ahead and consumer behavior is changing dramatically
  • Retaining old customers and attracting new ones becomes a matter of survival
  • There are clearly visible “gaps” in the financial results
  • There is a crisis in business and team management
  • Internal conflict in the team, unsynchronization with the Owners’ goals
  • There is a way out of any situation, and you understand this for sure. The main thing is not to waste time and quality of solutions

How we work

  • We promptly conduct a deep “screen” of the business model viability, find opportunities and a turn in its change. Renewing the value proposition together
  • We find solutions, innovations at Marketing/Sales/Service level
  • We find the root of problems and internal sources to achieve the goal
  • We formulate the situation development scenario and define an action plan: decide what needs to be changed, preserved and what to abandon
  • We start with actions as quickly as possible: in the second week of our team’s work
  • We check the actions by the market, we scale up the most efficient solutions for the entire company
  • We stabilize the situation, and then we generate an idea, a business model for the company’s growth and development for a long time

Outcomes for you

  1. A reasoned solution for you, as an Owner: what to do with the business as an asset?
  2. A clear understandable plan for the Team: what we change, keep, what we refuse from
  3. Sales growth in the target or crisis assortment matrix
  4. Improving the utilization of current assets
  5. Simplification of the decision-making system
  6. Complex solutions “hanging for years” are implemented
  7. Motivated team due to focused actions and performance reward
  8. A breakthrough idea with a course for the company’s long-term growth and development

What we do not do

  • What does not involve the current asset, the core competencies of the company
  • What requires more resources than available
  • What is beyond the desire and willingness of the company’s Owners
  • Something that wastes your and our time on secondary, unnecessary actions in the current situation


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