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New product development and launch

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You are looking for new opportunities and sources of profit. Competition has already turned into price and you are hostage to the price battle.

Creating a new value proposition often becomes the main or even the only way to scale up, capitalize and develop a business. A successful new product will become a springboard for your company, but without proper preparation and risk assessment, it may lead to losses and disappointment.

Signs indicating that your company needs launching a new product

  • You understand that the margin has started to fall, there are no obvious differences
  • There is an understanding that you are losing the competition in the value proposition
  • You do not understand what to do tomorrow, or that there may be no tomorrow
  • You understand that business sustainability in the long term is falling

How is the new product developed and launched

  1. The framework of what needs to be found is determined: qualitative and quantitative characteristics — market, potential, margin, required level of profitability
  2. Competencies and resources are audited
  3. We analyze what we can do, we know what asset we have
  4. The scale, manufacturability and innovativeness of the future product are determined
  5. Segments of food markets with potential are determined. The world’s most innovative benchmarks are examined
  6. A hypothesis is formed: tasks / problems of customers — value proposition. Product idea
  7. Qualitative testing of hypotheses is carried out through interviews with potential clients as well as quantitative — through conducting experiments in which hypotheses are confirmed or refuted
  8. Finally, a value proposition/product for target customers is developed, with a detailed assortment matrix of goods and services
  9. Product go-to-market strategy and business model are developed
  10. Full-scale launch of the product with monitoring of results and follow-up

Project outcomes for you

  • Tested product concept with go-to-market strategy
  • Formed and well-developed team for product launch
  • Business model ready to transition to operational business
  • Successful implementation of the product go-to-market strategy


Together with you, we go through the entire path of product creation. We check the risks and its potential in practice at minimal costs. Together with you and your team, we look for clients and test the hypotheses “on them”. Our systematic approach and market analytics significantly reduce risks and launch the product in the shortest time possible.


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