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Business growth depends on the actions of each team member, and if the processes in the business organizational model are not healthy, the disease can be lethal for the company.

Symptoms of an ineffective organizational model

  • You spend all the time dealing with operational problems
    People are constantly coming to you with some issues. Subordinates of all structures and levels are asking you something, you have to control them, check some minor tasks. It seems everything will stop without you.
  • You have no time for business development
    You, as the owner, solve issues ensuring the existence of the company at the moment. However, you have no time to look farther than a month in advance. Strategic decisions, capitalization and scaling are always postponed for the future.
  • The company has chaotic processes
    Your employees work hard and you believe they are overloaded, but you’re beginning to doubt their effectiveness. Issues take too long to be solved. Ideas start slowly and pass a lot of approvals. It is difficult to find those responsible in the organizational model.

If nothing is changed

Operating activities will swallow you, as well as the efficiency of your company. You may have talented and professional staff but the organizational model has not been established, so your system creaks and always works at the breaking point. As a result, you may lose your most valuable employees, who constantly, like you, are tired of this system, your processes will fail, and customers are increasingly likely to remember unpleasant experiences connected with you. And no matter how good your business idea is, the company will cease to be competitive in the market.

How we work

Effective process model

Your strategy needs to be focused on the individual consumer. Together with you we build a clear business model to create customer value. We make a sequence of actions which must be done by the company in order for the consumer to get what he needs.

Detailed business system

Every process in your company must be as transparent as possible in order to function smoothly and independently. We pay maximum attention to each element and, as a result, you will have a clear map of your activities and sustainable results.

We develop an organizational model

For the structure that we have developed together with the owner, we generate an organizational model – define competent and responsible people for each of the business processes. We form tools for the effective management of business processes.

Implementation strategy

Changes in the organizational model affect the employees’ competences, which require a special and systematic approach to implement changes. For the new organizational structure to work in an already established team, we develop a plan for its gradual introduction and control this process till its successful implementation.

System that works for you

Imagine the ease of the situation when managers stop their pilgrim journeys to your office, each team member knows clearly their responsibilities and is able to solve the issues, because they will all be detailed in their job description. When business processes are optimized, you will finally be able to think about the ways to develop your business and achieve financial results, and not about the need to extinguish another fire in the business processes.


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