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As an owner, CEO or businessman, you put all your passion and take personal responsibility for the outcome of the organization. But what do you do when you face challenges that have not previously arisen? Perhaps your business has already outgrown the “fine-tuned management mechanism” from which it all began and you need to move on? Or is there a crisis situation that requires immediate action? In such situations, you need advice from an expert, from a person who understands not only the “general concepts”, but your market context and has extensive experience in the development of companies from regional to national scale.

You need a business developer who will offer possible alternatives for solving your problem / task and help you test your own ideas and gain confidence in them. You will find a like-minded person with whom you speak the same language. Your joint actions and mutual exchange of experience with a business developer will become the basis for strengthening your business.

The results of cooperation with our industry-specific business developer will depend on the tasks that you specify during the dialogue.

The main outcomes will include:

  • Strategic X-ray: problems of your business have been clarified, you will be able to understand what you only felt and could not explain before
  • A fundamentally new value proposition for clients
  • Business niches found
  • Sales volumes increased
  • Business stabilization through anti-crisis management
  • Updated personnel motivation system
  • The missing roles in the team were determined, the profiles of the candidates were formed, their assessment and selection were carried out
  • Management decision-making system based on digitized metrics
  • Critical processes in the organization defined
  • Organizational structure formed

Format of our business developers’ work

Personal communication in Skype/Zoom format 2-4 times a month: developing solutions, setting tasks, feedback on the work done from the customer, adjustments and setting new tasks. Additionally, an on-site visit may be discussed.

Online chat with a business developer throughout the entire period of cooperation (in Telegram).

Cooperation duration depends on your business goals and is determined individually.

List of industries: Distribution; Logistics; Medicine; Pharmaceuticals; IT; Media; Construction; Metallurgy; HoReCa.

How business developers work, what they pay special attention to

Personal work. We are not a community or a fun club where everyone has the right to give advice. We are focused on results. Each business developer can work with no more than 3 clients in a month, which allows them to devote time to each and achieve goals set.

Your context. Each of our business developers has a proven portfolio of projects in their respective business sectors. You will be able to speak “the same language”, use special terminology and know that you will be understood and will be able to generate non-standard approaches to work.

Current state of your business. An important stage of cooperation is a strategic X-ray of the current state of your business, this will enable the business developer to match the customer’s wishes with the existing development potential and build a chain of consecutive steps to achieve the goal based on his own extensive management experience.


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