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Lactalis-Ukraine, SE

About the Project

 Lactalis-Ukraine (TM President, Dolce, Lactonia, Fanny) is one of the ten largest dairy producers in Ukraine. A subsidiary of the international dairy concern LactalisGroup — the world leader in the dairy market.

Project duration: 4 months


To develop comprehensive recommendations to improve the integration of Lactalis-Ukraine and Fanny with a view of getting higher operational efficiency.


Achievement of the project objectives included the following stages:

  • Analysis of the best practices of Lactalis-Ukraine and Fanny
  • Diagnostics of the quality of the current management system in both companies in order to build the foundations for a unified system
  • Development of a regional strategy
  • Creation of a new organizational structure for Lactalis-Ukraine


  • The principles aimed at improving the effect of the companies merger have been developed
  • The regional strategy has been adopted and communicated
  • Implementation of a new organizational structure model has been launched
  • Years: 2008
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: Lactalis-Ukraine, SE