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INGO Ukraine

About the Project

Ostra-Kyiv: strategic audit

INGO Ukraine (previously Ostra-Kyiv) is one of the largest insurance companies in Ukraine, measured in terms of claims payments and their assets value.

Project Duration: 3 months


Prepare a strategic framework for the qualitative transformation of the company.


During the strategic audit we tackled the following tasks:

  • External benchmarking of competitors and leading international companies
  • Benchmarking customer satisfaction
  • Verification of business processes, including a detailed study of the best-practice components of business at Ostra-Kyiv
  • Analysis of business culture, in particular with respect to potential change
  • Evaluation of the financial potential of the company


  • Systematic assessment of the current state of the enterprise
  • Guidelines for effective and sustainable development of the company and strategy formulation
  • Recommendations for undertaking transformation
  • Years: 2002
  • Solution: Business Development
  • Client: INGO Ukraine