Organizational architecture for Selepey, Volkovetsky & Partners has been created
A leading law firm has received a model of business processes and an organizational architecture to promote changes and implement a new strategy

Strategic’s experts have finalized the organizational model for Selepey, Volkovetsky & Partners law firm. The main objective of the project was to accelerate the implementation of a new strategy and to implement changes. Strategists together with the top management team of the company developed the model of the business processes, allocated responsibilities and assigned KPI for each of them.

Andrey Selepey: “Thanks to Strategic, we have gained confidence that we’re on the right track. Together we have built business processes and organizational structure. Our managers have become aware of the role each of them must have in the company. Thus it was possible to connect the new strategy with the first line where the company meets the client.”

Yaroslav Volkovetsky: “We now have a clear understanding of what type of company we were and what we want to become. The team has accepted these changes and is ready to implement them. We have developed a marketing and recruitment strategy to implement a new Vision and mission of the company.”

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