How to develop a new product: Six steps model
How to develop and launch a new product? Where to start and what scheme to use to move? Using the model of "Six steps", you will be able to create and bring to the market a new service of the company.

Analytics is paramount, especially when it comes to launching a new product. Data and its analysis will help you to avoid mistakes and to create a working launch strategy. That is what lies at the basis of the “Six steps” model which allows you to concentrate on every aspect of the product before its launch. Let’s take a step by step look at how it works:

Know the client: create a person

A person is a potential buyer of the goods. A face allows you to specify the buyer: to detail their interests, motivation, desires, needs and create a product for a specific query. To describe a real, not fictitious customer, we will rely on the data: research the competitors target audience, study the market and learn how to conduct our own data analysis.

Working on purchase scenarios

We discuss why a customer must buy our product. Can he find alternative options on the market? How to make our offer more attractive?

Finding the value

Here we do not “invent” the value of the product, but describe and check the offers on the basis of hypotheses. After analysis and validation, we develop product offers that will be competitive in the existing market, and unique for the consumer.

Testing and improving

We check the direction where the work over the product is moving. We eliminate weaknesses and make improvements. We learn to make decisions based on the results of experiments and tests.

Creating a prototype

We run a test product and get first feedback. The prototype helps to find weaknesses and to get feedback from real consumers. Based on this information, we modify the persons and scenarios of the product.

Launching and promoting

The product is ready, we just have to launch it competently and announce it on the market. It is important to analyze the user experience and customer feedback in due time. We test the hypothesis and refine the product for it to be competitive and successful.

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