Why is it not taking off? 5 killers of big Visions in the company
A good idea is worth nothing without implementation. We have chosen the 5 most popular obstacles that Owners can meet on the way to their goal.

GMOs in Vision. It’s risky when you can’t give an honest answer to yourself: “Why do I need this mega-idea of the company development? To do what?” Just to look respectable in the eyes of others or neither your business, nor you will be able to live without it successfully, happily? Because 3 parameters of the company “survival” are in the risk area, and there is no drive…

Unawareness, lies of the “system architect” triggers the mutation in culture, turns the business into politics… What ups are we talking about? … Just crawling… And it demands naturalness, usefulness and professional integrity with itself and the people.

Space. Without any joints with the root competencies and market opportunities, without understanding and availability of those with whom, how and using what resources you will be able to reach it, the Vision can quietly become a hallucination. The line is thin… I remember the story about one Owner’s own experience: “I don’t want to produce cable products any more, I want to transform the company into an international constructor of alternative energy facilities and grow  30 times in 5 years”. As a result, the cable business has passed away, and the alternative power idea hasn’t taken off…

Insensitivity. You have caught a mega-idea, it drives you. You are flying somewhere, and the people cannot keep up with you… “Really, you still do not understand what I realized yesterday?”. What to do? Listen, hear, watch, see… Feel and translate it into 5 languages, if you need… Learn… Quickly. And the correct information will come in flows…

The effect of dullness. There’s always enough of those willing to sink the Vision, to leave everything as it is. And they can be very skillful in arguments, manipulations… Get these people out of the company quickly, sometimes you can apply surgical methods… Otherwise your company may become a mediocrity… Sooner or later each Creator faces the question: “Shall I work for the company to live or to be good for “Vitaliy Fedorovych, who has spent so much time with us… ?” Which do you prefer? Honestly.

Inaction. We spent too much time on the development of Ideas, strategies and not a single step is taken to check, prototype a new product and get it to the market. Vision starts to get outdated at the moment its formation has been completed… You have to go.

Do not sit! Let’s act!

Good luck!

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