The Owner’s withdrawal from the operational management
If you are the owner and the founder of the business, your company is not just a way to make money for you, it's your lifetime project. Despite this, there comes a moment when you need to withdraw from the operational management and to ensure the effectiveness and success of the company without your close supervision. To do it you must hand over the reins of power to the assigned professional and top manager. But you know that it can pose a serious threat.
Symptoms indicating that the company is not viable without you
No decisions are taken without you
Business efficiency means high quality and quick reaction to circumstances: to solve the problem quickly and to seize the opportunity immediately. This responsibility is always on you, no one will take drastic measures without your consent.
You feel anxious about the possibility of losing control over the company
You doubt regarding the instruments of influence on the company. You are not sure that you will be able to control the business system and as a result, you will not be able to get relaxed without constant involvement in the operational management.
Who will take care of my business, if not me?
Someone will have to replace you, to make important decisions and control the process. It is important for you to have a reliable person who will care about your business like of their own, and be honest with you. But the very idea of how much time it will take to search and check such a leader makes you really anxious.
If nothing changes
You have only two options. Either thoughts about withdrawal from the operational management will remain just thoughts, and instead of being with your family you will keep answering the phone calls. Or you will withdraw from the operational management when the company is not ready enough, that will result in a heavy loss.
The way we work
What is your responsibility?
First you need to understand what processes cannot function without you at the moment. When exactly your team can't do without your decision, and what components of your work ensure the success of the business system.
How the business can cope without you
We will work together on a model of the business functioning without your intervention. Who will make decisions and be responsible for the business development. How the owner will be able to control the company and have a complete idea of what is happening there.
Organizational model without fail
We form an organizational model that will ensure the alignment of business processes. We establish a system of relations of the owner with the top management on sites.
Painless withdrawal from control
Together with the owner we look for and prepare a top manager that will ensure the company development. We check the system for its viability and supervise the process to a successful conclusion.
Confidence without daily monitoring
We prepare a step-by-step plan for withdrawal from the operational management, identify all risks and supervise this process for it to go easily and maintain the company's development. The owner receives the tools for constant monitoring of the situation in the company and a firmly coordinated organizational structure.
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