Strategic idea
A well-known fact says that 47% of companies are closed, not being even 5 years on the market. This trend is only getting worse – the market becomes faster and major companies are reviewing their long-term strategic objectives every six months. If you have no business idea, which can unite your team, your business will lose its focus and will depend solely on external circumstances.
Symptoms of the strategic idea which is not working
You don't know what your company must look like in 3 years
Of course nobody can predict the future, but the team must clearly understand their strategic objectives: the financial result and the percentage on the market. If you do not know where to go – you are going nowhere.
Your employees don't know what they work for
Your company makes money and operates at a profit, but profit comes from the consumers. If you don't know what value you must create for them, they will turn away from you, and money will follow them.
You are trying to get more with the same methods
Business development, capitalization and scaling are something every owner aspires to, but not everyone understands that they need to change to achieve it. If your team assures you that the company will scale, but they do not show how it must change for this, you are led down the garden path. After all, the market is running ahead, and to maintain sustainability of the business, you need to run ahead with it.
If nothing changes
Lack of the strategy, lack of understanding in the team about the purpose of their work, lack of clear strategic goals is the fastest way to find you among 45% of the companies that will not celebrate their 5th anniversary. Your employees will lose the enthusiasm, the company will be held hostage to random changes in the market and in the end, someone more attentive to the strategy will overtake you.
The way we work
We check your current strategic idea for its strength
We analyze the strategy and business model, which your company has at the moment. Together with your team we check it for its strength. We find the strength of your business system, which generates the most profit and determine the problems that inhibit your growth.
We analyze the market
We analyze global trends in order to understand what the future of the world market will be like, and we study local trends to ensure that your strategic decisions are adapted to the realities of your environment. We work on the business models that exist in your business sector.
Goals for the future, what for
After receiving responses from our analysts, we develop the image of the company that you want to achieve. We offer several alternative ways for the company development. We choose the strongest business models on the market, check which of them we can launch. We generate the portfolio of business projects that can accelerate scaling, capitalization and growth of the business.
Plan for changes
Considering all the internal and external factors, we choose the most working business model with the owner and his team. We develop a plan for the company transformation to enable it to achieve the goals.
The energy that will make you more effective
Having a strategic idea and clear goals, your team will understand what it needs to achieve and it will be held responsible for that. We make sure that the developed strategic decisions are realistic and meet the requirements of the local and global markets. Our methodology and system approach give an insight into what the company works for and make it capable of more.
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