Development of a new service
Creation of a new product often becomes the main or even the only way to scale, capitalize and develop your business. A successful new service will become a springboard for your company, but without a proper training and risk assessment it can result into huge losses.
To launch or not to launch?
The business has nowhere to grow
You have a great team and a good strategy, but the market is not unlimited, and you have just reached the ceiling. You don't know what consumer niche to occupy, where there would be more space to scale.
You are not different from competitors
You are an important player in the market, but it is too hard to win new consumers. Your product and the value you create is the same as your competitors'. You miss a breakthrough idea, with which you will be able to offer customers more than there is in the market at the moment.
You hesitate because of the risks
You and your team have an idea for a new product that can improve financial results and develop the company. But you realize that by taking this risk you will spend too many resources. In case of failure, you will put your company in a tight corner.
If nothing changes
Without a breakthrough product you will not be able to scale the company in a crowded market. In the best-case scenario, you will remain on the same positions, in the worst – your team will lose the fervor, and the business will come to stagnation. If you take the risk without any proper preparation, you can expect a frustrating and unreasonably wasted investment.
The way we work
New niche
We identify a consumer, specify their image and needs. Together with the owner and his team we generate hypotheses – the customer needs still remain unmet, where there is less competition. We estimate the volume of the potential market.
Product verification
We develop a product which can meet the needs of the consumer most effectively. By lowest costs we create the prototype, which will be tested through a pilot scheme. We modify the product to give it additional value.
Business model launch
We develop a business model that could be scaled. We define the most effective combination of its elements in practice. We finalize it to prepare a full scale launch of a new product on the market.
New product is a new opportunity, not a risk
Together we pass the entire way of product development. At minimum expense we check in practice all risks and its potential. Together with the owner and his team we look for customers and test hypotheses on them. Our systematic approach and market analytics reduce the risks significantly and launch the product in the shortest time. In addition, your team will learn how to launch products independently according to the principles of Lean StartUp and Customer Development, so in the future you will be able to start new services without any external support.
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