Diagnostic and change strategy
It is usually more difficult to find the problem than to solve it. Most owners try to do it themselves, but being inside you may not be able to approach it objectively, and your conclusions are only guesses. There's no use wasting time on an independent search of the problem when you can use this time to solve it.
Symptoms indicating that you really don't know what is going wrong
You feel that you have the wrong team
The work is done by people and if something goes wrong, you would suspect it's their fault first of all. This may be true, but most often it is just a symptom. Dismissals often do not solve the problem, they only dispirit the team.
Everyone is doing their best, but the company is not growing
Your team works well together and everyone shares the desire for performance and higher financial results, but the business is not growing. When you once again think you have definitely found the problem and have started to act, the business system thinks differently, and the business development is postponed. As a result, instead of growth and scaling, you are wasting resources on the problem search.
Business system is too slow
The company is very slow to react and implement solutions, it becomes difficult to control. It seems like you take the right decisions and you do business in pace with the market, but there's a big time gap between the project launch and its implementation. You are sure you can do it faster.
If nothing changes
Even experienced managers are unable to assess the status independently and find bottlenecks in the company. This can lead to the trap of "obvious solutions" when it seems clear where the problem is, but after the measures have been taken the business system crashes again and again. You will fire good employees, change the company pace and, what is worse, you will lose the time that will delay the business growth and cast a shadow on your credibility.
The way we work
Business system analysis
We analyze financial statements, growth rates and strategy of the company. Our team of experts focuses on the information that can identify bottlenecks in your business processes and strategy.
A series of interviews
Our strategists conduct a series of interviews with the top management and key employees. They identify gaps in the organizational structure and internal processes in order to find the human factor for possible problems.
System recovery plan
After identifying key problems in the strategic idea, processes and organizational structure, we will work with the owner and his team to develop a road map for changes. This allows not only to identify problems but also to proceed to the company development and scaling in the shortest time.
Expedite transition to business development
Our experts need only 2 weeks to identify the problem areas, while the companies spend months or years looking for them, hamper the development of their business, without even realizing that they can be more effective. They invite auditors who indicate only the financial component, which may not contain any problem areas. Instead, we do not only find problems in your business system, we offer strategic solutions that will help the company reach sustainable results and scale.
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