Anti-crisis management
When financial results are falling, the team is falling apart, and the debts are growing, it is difficult to focus and make the right decisions. During crisis it is more than ever noticeable that the time plays against you, and the deeper the crisis, the more rapidly the sales are falling, accompanied by the market share and effectiveness. It is especially difficult when there are not enough professionals to do something in the first place.
Anti-crisis management | Strategic:
Symptoms indicating an immediate crisis
A long period of business stagnation
Your business has been showing deterioration of financial results for six months. You change the team, but nothing changes, just new faces around you. Employees are skeptical and blame each other. Methods that used to be helpful, don't work anymore.
Business is obsolete
You feel that your competitors are a step ahead in the business system efficiency, they are faster to adopt new technologies and approaches. But these changes seem to be difficult for you, your strategy can't keep up with the market and its opportunities.
The company started to lose to its competitors
Your company has been keeping a good position for a long time, but the situation has changed for the worse, and you don't know how to fix it. Your team seems to be working as good as it used to, but reports show low financial performance. You are looking for business ideas for the business development, but you are afraid that it could make everything worse.
If nothing changes
If you fail to identify the problem in due time and implement changes in those areas that require urgent solutions, you will lose precious time, and, therefore, sales volumes and market share. But if you notice the symptoms, you will be able to bring the company out of the risk area and transform the experience into a springboard for the business development.
The way we work
Anti-crisis team
At first, we give an objective diagnose and evaluation of the situation in which your business system is. According to the analysis, we select a team of experienced managers knowing how to deal with similar crises. We introduce a team with temporary extended powers.
A team of strategic development acts in the areas of the first necessity - attracting the funds, experts and partners to restore the normal activities of the company, stops the further business decline.
Profitability strategy
We formulate and implement a strategy to achieve market share and sustainable business growth. Under it we develop an organizational model and optimize business processes. We return to the company its lost positions, launch a market counteroffensive.
We transfer the powers to you
We consolidate success and key positions to ensure long-term sustainability and to prevent the business downfall in the future. Making sure the growth is steady and the service is efficient, we pass the reins of power into the hands of a permanent CEO.
To return to the market being stronger
No one wants to be the captain of a sinking ship and to ask for help. But if your company life is at stake, you need to take measures that will save time, because the loss of time in crisis is equal to the loss of the company. Our strategic developers are experienced in bailing the companies out following reliable methods and knowing where to start. We involve legal analysis, financial support and the most efficient experts according to the situation. We treat your business as our own, because we are responsible for the result.
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