Integration of Teva Ukraine and PLIVA in Ukraine

 ТеvaUkraine is one of the top 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine; it is a part of the leading International Pharmaceutical Corporation Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Project duration: 4 months

Year of implementation: 2008-2009


To develop and launch a strategy of integration of Ukrainian representative offices of TevaPharmaceuticals and PLIVA in 90 days.


The work was guided by the following basic principles:

  • The search for a third point of support — the meaning that would be common for the two companies in the future. This step has been implemented through the development of a new Strategic Idea and strategic goals of the company, taking into account the fact that the new vision and mission for the Ukrainian subdivision must be correlated with the global vision of TevaPharmaceuticals
  • Market focus. The increase in sales during the integration period and by the end of the year results has been defined as the main parameter for the project success
  • The focus is on the business model optimization aimed at obtaining a lower cost-to-profit ratio. The criterion was the increase in EBITDA by the end of the year results
  • Technological transparency of integration from the viewpoint of the changes controllability, clarity of processes to all participants and predictability of the results


  • Have been developed:
    • integration strategy;
    • a new model of integrated business units;
    • a new product strategy;
    • a fieldforce distribution scheme in the regions of Ukraine;
    • a new organizational structure of the company;
    • principles of combining two business cultures.
  • The arrangement of people from two companies in the new organizational structure has been made
  • Business risks have been assessed and minimized
  • Synergy from integration has been evaluated and involved
  • Due to the professionalism of the participants, the results were very successful:
    • Financial and market targets have been achieved by the end of the year results
    • Integration of Ukrainian subdivisions of Teva and PLIVA is recognized as the best among those held in other countries
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